Cleantech is a field much wider than renewable energy. In fact, some studies estimate the size of the cleantech/sustainability solutions market at 5-6 times that of the renewable energy sector. EAI is one of the few companies in India with perspectives, network, and expertise that go far beyond the energy sector and into other aspects of cleantech. These areas include water (including waste water), waste management, eco-friendly lifestyle products, electric transportation, sustainable biotech, and more.

Diversification into Cleantech

If your business is keen on exploring innovative sectors that are emerging in cleantech, EAI with its in-depth understanding of market trends and business drivers can help you identify the most attractive emerging opportunities.

Each of the links below explores interesting opportunities in emerging cleantech and how EAI can assist you in these areas


  • EAI’s Oilgae division is considered an authority globally in its understanding of the third generation algae-based biofuel industry, and its research and publications have been utilised by over 300 prominent global companies and organisations, and top research universities – please visit for more details
  • EAI’s bio-research division also does exclusive research in unique oleochemicals that provide sustainable value-added products, with its report on castor oil and its derivatives being the only one of its kind in the world. Please visit for more details
  • EAI has worked with the likes of World Bank and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in areas related to sustainability investing, waste to value technologies, etc.
  • EAI also runs CleanTick, an online network dedicated to research and development for clean technology.

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