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The Opportunity

With the emergence of a number of innovative products and solutions for driving efficiency in industrial heating and cooling, your company has the opportunity to achieve significant savings in your energy costs, while at the same time evolving into a green and sustainable enterprise.

Market Potential & Highlights

  • Prices of LPG and furnace oil have increased by over 70% over the last three years. This has resulted in significant energy cost increases to companies using these fossil fuels for heating
  • Use of sustainable heating and cooling technologies and processes could result in savings as high as 40%
  • Many of these sustainability solutions have payback periods as low as 2.5 years
  • Innovations in solar thermal, waste heat usage, cogeneration/CHP, biomass heat/power, VAM based air-conditioning/refrigeration offer multiple, viable solutions
  • Many solutions exist for implementing sustainable cooling/heating – waste heat utilization for heating/refrigeration/air-conditioning, cogeneration of heat and power, optimizing heating/cooling devices for energy efficient, energy monitoring systems and more
  • A number of reputed Indian companies are providing innovative solutions in this area

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Key Drivers

  • High cost of fossil fuels
  • Improvements in sustainable heating and cooling technology leading to very favourable returns
  • Government mandates

Entrepreneurs who could consider this sector

  • By background
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
  • By access to markets
    • Ability to network with industries and commercial establishments that require large quantities of heating and/or cooling

How Can EAI Assist You in Entering this Market?

EAI’s consulting team can work with you in providing you key data, insights and strategies that will enable you to take critical decisions on the use of sustainable cooling and heating solutions for your operations to reduce consumption of fossil fuels

  • In-depth understanding of the various technology and process options available
  • financial attractiveness of the various sustainable energy avenues
  • Economic comparison for the use of sustainable solutions vs. use of fossil fuels for your operations
  • Technical feasibility study for specific processes/solutions
  • Inputs on key vendors/technology providers in India and assistance in evaluating them

EAI also provides assistance in following areas in the field of sustainable heating/cooling.

  • Waste heat recovery from industrial smokestacks
  • VAM based air-conditioning/cooling from heat recovered from industrial process waste heat
  • Heat recovery from chillers and compressors for hot water generation
  • Solar thermal based industrial and commercial process heating
  • Radiant heating and cooling

Why EAI?

  • EAI is one of the most acclaimed consulting companies in India for the renewable energy sector
  • EAI’s focus is on providing market-facing and action-oriented consulting
  • EAI has already successfully assisted many companies and entrepreneurs in their diversification and market entry efforts for the renewable energy sector
  • Our team has exceptional industry contacts across the entire renewable energy and cleantech spectrum in India
  • Our team has worked with multinationals setting up greenfield projects as well as companies with existing setups to explore how they can achieve sustainable heating and cooling
  • Our tie ups and contacts with research institutes doing excellent work in this domain can help you in getting the latest technology in this domain
  • Our comprehensive contacts with a wide variety of technology vendors will ensure optimal vendor identification and selection for the chosen technology

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Next steps

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About EAI

EAI (Energy Alternatives India) is India’s leading renewable energy research, consulting, and catalysis firm. EAI runs India’s largest renewable energy website (, the country’s largest renewable energy newsletter (EAI Daily) and India’s largest renewable energy community (EAI Club).

EAI’s consulting team has assisted global and Indian blue chip companies in their sustainability efforts. Our consulting clients include the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reliance, La Farge, Vedanta, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka State Governments, MNRE, and more.

The research team has published many globally acclaimed reports across the entire sustainability spectrum. Customers for these reports include over 75 companies from Fortune 500 and over 10 from Fortune 100. The bio-division of EAI runs the world’s foremost resource on algae biofuels, Oilgae and a dedicated resource on deriving sustainable materials from castor oil,
EAI is headquartered in Chennai, India.
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