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The Opportunity

Castor oil is one of the most unique plant oils, with a distinctive chemical structure that lends itself to a variety of end products. Derivatives based on castor oil are in increasing demand across a number of sectors globally, and in India.
Opportunities are present across a variety of industrial sectors that include pharmaceuticals, polymers, greases and lubricants, food ingredients, and more.

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Market Potential & Highlights

  • India is the world’s largest producer of castor oil, supplying over 70% of the world’s castor oil
  • EAI estimates the total value for emerging castor oil-based derivatives to be over $1 billion worldwide by 2015 and over $125 million in India
  • Key sectors that are emerging for castor based derivatives are polyamides (nylon), polyurethane foam, other engineering plastics, and castor based cosmetics, deodorants, and perfumes
  • In addition, a number of specialty chemicals niches are emerging where castor oil is used as the base feedstock
  • With interest in bioplastics and biopolymers on the increase, use of castor oil as feedstock for these biomaterials is fast gaining currency

EAI’s Whitepaper on Diverse Business Potential for Castor Oil Chemicals

Download the free whitepaper here –

EAI’s Whitepaper on Emerging Business Opportunities in Castor Oil Derivatives

Download the free whitepaper here –

Key Drivers

  • Higher profit margin in derivatives
  • Government mandates for eco-friendly sources
  • Consumer demand

Entrepreneurs who could consider this sector

Case Studies

  • By background
    • Biotech
    • Manufacturing
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Existing castor oil producers or dealers
  • By access to markets
    • Having or building networks with industries that can use these derivatives and are required to green their supply chain
    • Ability to build an export business for derivatives, as a significant market exists abroad

How Can EAI Assist You in Entering this Market?

EAI’s consulting team can work with you in providing you key data, insights, and strategies that will enable you to take critical decisions on market entry

  • In-depth understanding of the various castor oil derivative opportunities
  • Profitability and financial attractiveness of the various sectors/opportunities
  • Current and future demand and supply characteristics of the various product possibilities
  • Key consumer segments for the prominent opportunities
  • SWOT analysis for the attractive opportunities
  • Technical feasibility study for manufacturing these derivatives in India
  • Key market players in India and worldwide, and their strengths and weaknesses

EAI’s Comprehensive Report on Castor Oil and its Derivatives

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Why EAI?

  • EAI is one of the most acclaimed consulting companies in India for the renewable energy sector
  • EAI’s focus is on providing market-facing and action-oriented consulting
  • EAI has already successfully assisted many companies and entrepreneurs in their diversification and market entry efforts for the renewable energy sector
  • Our team has exceptional industry contacts across the entire renewable energy and cleantech spectrum in India
  • Our biotech team has exceptional acquaintance with the castor based products sector, as we also operate one of the world’s premier castor oil web resources,
  • Our consulting team has also provided research and strategic consulting support to leading companies such as Reliance Industries and La Farge in their efforts in bio-products and bio-derivatives.

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