Are you an International company keen on entering the fast growing Indian solar sector?
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EAI provided turnkey market entry and market development assistance for a major German firm in the solar plant monitoring space to enter, recruit, conduct road shows, and acquire prominent customers for the Indian market.

EAI assisted the World Bank in getting a thorough understanding of solar and other renewable energy investments in India.

EAI coordinated some of the most prestigious and largest business networking events for renewable energy in India, including RENERGY organized by the government of Tamil Nadu. These events get together some of the most high profile companies and renewable energy experts in the country.

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EAI provides specialised assistance to International solar firms who wish to enter the Indian market. While we provide such assistance to the entire renewable energy spectrum, we have a special focus on the Solar PV sector within this portfolio. Our services cover:


  • Understanding of the Indian Market & Regulatory Structure

    With our presence in the Indian solar sector right from its inception six years back, we understand the Indian market and regulatory structure exceptionally well and hence are able to provide clear, comparative studies of the solar market and regulations with region-specific analysis.

  • Market Potential Studies

    One of our core specialties is studying the Indian solar market for key trends and attractive business opportunities. In this context, our research and assessment covers niche and emerging opportunities, identifying key market drivers, and risk/return evaluation. This expertise will be invaluable to an international firm that is new to the Indian market and needs to understand the market potential thoroughly before deciding on significant investments in the country.

  • Competitor Analysis

    While solar is a relatively nascent industry in India, it is already highly competitive. One of EAI’s core strengths is its understanding of all segments of the Indian solar PV sector, the key players in each sector, and their strengths and weaknesses. We analyse incumbent competitors within the industry to provide a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape, something critical for a new entrant to the Indian market.

  • Developing and Implementing Marketing & Sales Strategies

    We assist our clients in developing high-impact marketing and sales strategies. In addition to the consulting aspect, we also assist in developing ground-level go-to-market strategies that could include becoming an extended part of the client’s marketing team. For a company that is just entering India, such ground-level assistance could mean significant acceleration to market, and thus your company could “hit the ground running”.

  • Identifying Joint Venture/Marketing Partners

    EAI has one of the most comprehensive networks of professional and industry contacts in the Indian solar energy sector. Our extensive network and well-honed due diligence services help our international clients identify the most effective partners for their solar business.

  • Business Incorporation, Setting Up Office, Recruitment of Key Personnel

    For those international firms that wish to take our assistance in setting up shop in India, we help build our clients’ soft infrastructure by identifying the best business locations and human resources.

To know more on how EAI can strategise your company’s Indian solar market entry, send an email to

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