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The Opportunity

Within the cleantech/sustainability sectors, the green buildings sector is showing exceptional market growth.
Products and solutions for green buildings present exciting opportunities, both globally and in India. Opportunities are present across a variety of building products sectors that include lighting, heating, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, furniture, air conditioning, ventilation, software and more.

Market Potential & Highlights

  • EAI estimates the total value for green building products and solutions to be over $225 billion worldwide by 2015 and over $15 billion in India. By 2025 the value in India alone could be as much as $200 billion
  • About 80% of the commercial and industrial buildings that exist by 2025 would be built between now and 2025. 1 Lakh green buildings would have been built by 2025 (up from 3,000 currently existing)
  • A number of specialty niches are emerging within green buildings materials and solutions, many of them highly attractive to small and medium enterprises, particularly as it is difficult for large companies to dominate such a diverse industry
  • With green buildings becoming almost a brand enhancer for the corporate segment, a large percentage of industrial construction today wish to go for LEED ratings
  • Many international companies insist on certified green buildings for their offices in India
  • Firms who wish to ‘green’ their supply chain also require their providers to operate from green factories
  • Specific solutions within green buildings having large demands include
    • Energy – Energy efficiency, use of sustainable energy sources
    • Water – Water conservation through monitoring and efficiency methods, water treatment
    • Waste – Sustainable waste disposal and management, waste treatment, waste to value
    • Sustainable materials & products – In a variety of functions and household applications
    • Environment – Indoor environmental quality, air pollution control, water pollution control, noise pollution control, reduction of toxicity in household products
  • More information on opportunities in Green Buildings can be found here

Key Drivers

  • Shortage of water and power
  • Demand for certified green buildings, particularly from international corporates
  • India is 2nd only to the US in green building area inventory

Entrepreneurs who could consider this sector

  • By background
    • Architecture/Construction industry
    • Trading
    • Manufacturing
  • By access to markets
    • Ability to build relationships with interior designers/construction industry

How Can EAI Assist You in Entering this Market?

EAI’s consulting team can work with you in providing you key data, insights, and strategies that will enable you to take critical decisions on market entry into specific niche opportunities within the green building sector.

  • In-depth understanding of the various green building materials and green building product/solution opportunities
  • Profitability and financial attractiveness of the various green building sectors/opportunities
  • Current and future demand and supply characteristics of the various product possibilities
  • Key consumer segments for the prominent opportunities
  • SWOT analysis for the attractive opportunities
  • Technical feasibility study for manufacturing these value added products/solutions in India
  • Key market players in India and worldwide, and their strengths and weaknesses

Why EAI?

  • EAI is one of the most acclaimed consulting companies in India for the renewable energy sector
  • EAI’s focus is on providing market-facing and action-oriented consulting
  • EAI has already successfully assisted many companies and entrepreneurs in their diversification and market entry efforts for the renewable energy,green building and sustainability sector
  • Our team has exceptional industry contacts across the entire renewable energy and cleantech spectrum in India
  • Our consulting team has worked with large multinationals assisting them in exploring energy and environmental alternatives to make their buildings green, both for greenfield building projects and for existing building infrastructure

Next Steps

If you are interested in taking EAI’s assistance in exploring green building product opportunities, please send a note to with a brief background about yourself and your company, and we will get in touch with you.
We thank you for your interest.

About EAI

EAI (Energy Alternatives India) is India’s leading renewable energy research, consulting, and catalysis firm. EAI runs India’s largest renewable energy website (, the country’s largest renewable energy newsletter (EAI Daily) and India’s largest renewable energy community (EAI Club).

EAI also runs the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainability, the Suseum, the world’s largest solar energy network, Poztz, and a global online cleantech researcher’s network, CleanTick.

EAI’s consulting team has assisted global and Indian blue chip companies in their sustainability efforts. Our consulting clients include the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reliance, La Farge, Vedanta, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka State Governments, MNRE, and more.

The research team has published many globally acclaimed reports across the entire sustainability spectrum. Customers for these reports include over 75 companies from Fortune 500 and over 10 from Fortune 100. The bio-division of EAI runs the world’s foremost resource on algae biofuels, Oilgae and a dedicated resource on deriving sustainable materials from castor oil,
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