The Background –

A major manufacturer and exporter of textile machineries, equipment’s and components was looking forward to diversifying into renewable energy sector and wanted to target the off-grid solar market. In this context, the client approached EAI to undertake an exhaustive study that would focus on providing insightful information about the current and future scenario of the off-grid solar industry in India.

Scope of Work done

  1. Off-grid renewable energy in India – An overview
  2. Solar off-grid applications and products – Various products and solutions available in the solar off grid space
  3. Product manufacturing – Manufacturing processes, options for entry into manufacturing, associated risk and other aspects were covered
  4. Product value chains – Complete value chain analysis of each of the products was done and business opportunities in the value chain were identified and suggested
  5. Government initiatives and support measures – Various government initiatives and support programs available to off-grid applications and key benefits from the programs
  6. Market entry strategy – A market entry strategy and suggested avenues for entry

The Outcome

A list of major products that make commercial and economic sense and are in line with the already established expertise of the clients was proposed.