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Biomass briquettes/pellets comprise the main component of an industry utilizing biomass for their heating/power requirements. The demand for biomass briquettes is increasing at a tremendous pace owing to companies in India and worldwide turning to sustainable fuel for both heating and power.

EAI, India’s leading consulting and cleantech firm, will act as a fundamental component in connecting suppliers with buyers, as well as an efficient way to facilitate a level of collaboration to build and sustain solid relationships.

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Bridging the gap

Creating high performance, collaborative alliances between suppliers and buyers ensuring to build a strong and sustainable Biomass supply chain.

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Forging Strategic Partnerships

EAI’s model for building strategic partnerships between suppliers and buyers incorporates a cooperative relationship of “co-innovation” that includes information sharing and collaboration to solve design and production issues – suppliers and buyers should be collaborating and innovating together to have an abiding relationship.

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A clear differentiating factor on your association with EAI when compared with other B2B directories is the “EAI preferred supplier” tag which will serve as a standout feature for your business owing to the popularity of EAI in the biomass industry.

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So: If you are looking for buyers of biomass briquettes/pellets from India who can be a reliable long term partner for your biomass business, talk to us at EAI.

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EAI’s Expertise in the Biomass Sector

EAI is one of the most respected brands in the Indian biomass sector. Considered the premier in offering biomass solutions, our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of bio energy has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

Through our focused consulting assignments and research reports, and our team of industry specialists, we bring in in-depth expertise in many critical aspects of bio-power.

EAI’s Contacts in the Indian Biomass Sector

Being a pioneer in bio-power industry research and consulting (we have been serving the Indian bio power market since 2009), and also owning some of the leading online resources for bio-energy in India, EAI has one of the most extensive contact networks with vendors, specialists and experts in the field.

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Talk to us

Email: consult@eai.in


Call Narsi 7358263274