This is a section on bioplastics and their end uses/applications, presented by the Biopolymers consulting team @ Energy Alternatives India.


This page provides inputs on the applications for bioplastic products for the Indian market.

Bioplastics can also be processed in very similar ways to petrochemical plastics such as injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming. To improve their tensile strength, bioplastic polymers can be blended with their co-polymers or with other polymers.


India End-use Segments of Bioplastics


Biodegradable and durable products –

  • Mobile phone cases
  • Automotive interiors like seats, head rests or arm rests


Biodegradable and short-lived products -

  • Disposable catering service wares
  • Packaging
    • Trays and Punnets for vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs.
    • Shopping bags
    • Compostable waste collection bags
    • Styrofoam replacement and shrink wraps
  • Medical applications
    • Implants such as screws, pins or plates
    • Material for pills and capsules


Emerging End-use Segments of Bioplastics in India –

  • 3D printing
  • Baby products – Toys and Teethers
  • Baby feeding bottles
  • Metalized Biaxial oriented -PLA films for food packaging
  • Plastic films in sanitary napkins/diapers
  • Microbeads from biobased and biodegradable plastics