Keen on using biomass for heating or power generation? Talk to EAI to make sure the supply chain is robust

EAI did a comprehensive feasibility study of both the biomass supply chain and technology options for an American firm having its operations in India, for their spray drying heating operations. EAI has done techno-economic feasibility studies for over 5 biomass power plants, with special emphasis on the biomass supply chain perspective.

EAI’s expertise in biomass energy extends beyond biomass supply chain, to also the use of gasification. EAI is the only firm that has published an industry acclaimed report on Biomass Gasification based Power Generation.
EAI provides specialised assistance to companies keen on use of biomass for energy. While bio-energy has provide significant economic savings especially for the industrial and commercial heating segments, lack of a reliable supply chain has been a key bottleneck in the growth of this segment. As a result, many companies that are keen on using bio-energy wish to have a thorough due diligence and evaluation done on the biomass supply chain before making the investment decision. EAI has the expertise to do comprehensive feasibility studies for both the technology and supply chain aspects of bio-energy, though our special focus has been on the supply chain feasibility and viability analysis. The following are the main topics / aspects under which we provide the biomass supply chain feasibility analysis:

1. Feedstock Availability

  • Overall numbers for various biomass feedstock in your region
  • Region wise quantitative analysis of different feed stocks

2. Availability of Biomass Suppliers

  • Estimates for number of suppliers in your region
  • Criteria for evaluating reliability

3. Economics & Cost

  • Cost for various biomass feedstock in your region
  • Quotation analysis
  • Feedstock cost escalation projections

4. Details of Biomass Suppliers

  • Comprehensive details on prominent biomass suppliers in your region
  • Typical terms and conditions of suppliers

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5. Risks & Risk Mitigation

  • A complete analysis of risks based on generic factors, and also based on region specific factors
  • Analysis and synthesis of the various risk mitigation strategies possible
Specific details and data focused on
  • Details of prestigious firms in your region to whom the shortlisted vendors are supplying biomass for a considerable period
  • Significant insights on prices based on the interactions we would have had with the vendors, and a final projection for the price range.

Specific Highlights of Inferences that will be Provided

  1. Analysis of specific supply risks.
  2. Analysis of the professionalism of the suppliers – with regard to reliability of supply and application of professional methods for quality testing etc.
  3. Extensive inputs on the types of biomass feedstock available, and their characteristics.
  4. Details of transport costs and any other processing costs involved.
  5. Details and analysis of contract terms, based on interactions with suppliers.

Typical Activities Undertaken

  • Comprehensive survey of biomass supply chain in your region.
  • Interactions over email and phone with a large number of vendors, and meetings typically with over a dozen shortlisted vendors for further evaluation.
  • Intensive analysis for shortlisting the vendors.
  • Sending RfIs and RfQs and receiving preliminary quotations from shortlisted vendors
  • Visiting briquetting plants of the shortlisted vendors
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