Looking to lower your energy bills while going green at the same time? Let EAI help you throughout the way.

Many Indian corporates are keen on having sustainable/green energy sources to ensure a more competitive energy cost structure as well as to become more environment friendly in their operations.

With the growing cost of grid power, procuring power from renewable sources, especially wind, can significantly reduce your power bills – sometimes by as much as 20%. This implies terrific savings especially for large consumers of power.

Similarly, use of renewable energy sources on premises, specifically solar PV, concentrating solar thermal, or biomass could significantly reduce the use of diesel or furnace oil, the prices of which have increased tremendously in the last few years. Through the use of these renewable energy sources, some companies have been able to reduce their furnace oil usage by over 75%, while a few have been able to completely eliminate the use of furnace oil.

EAI helps intensive energy consuming industries incorporate Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, and Bio-Energy into energy mix.

Our services cover


Detailed analysis of technical and economic feasibility of integrating various renewable energy/power sources in your operations.

EAI is one of the few firms in India which has done extensive feasibility of ALL the renewable energy sources. We have done these for multinationals who have large operations in India with energy bills running into 100+ crores, as well as for medium sized Indian companies and government departments whose energy bills could be in the range Rs 5-50 crores per year.


Once the right renewable energy sources to be included in the energy mix have been identified, EAI can develop RFPs and RFQs for selection of vendors for implementation. In the case of wind power procurement we can assist you in structuring the PPAs and related activities. In the case of on-premises installation of solar PV or biomass, we can assist you beyond vendor selection and during project implementation.

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Vendor selection

EAI team has extensive knowledge of the existing vendors for every renewable energy source. Our prior experience in working in these sectors will help us assist you in the right vendors. EAI’s team can thus perform the identification and due diligence on vendors for successful implementation of renewable energy projects.

We can do the above for solar PV (on premises), procuring solar power from third parties, procuring wind power from third parties, use of biomass for heat/power at premises or procuring biomass power, and use of concentrating solar thermal on premises.

Regulatory framework

We can provide you with complete details and clarity on approvals, procedures, policies, and processes that need to be followed in implementing captive renewable energy projects or for procuring renewable power from third parties.

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